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MultiFlow Demo

MULTIFLOW allows you to solve interchangeably for pressure drop, flow rate or pipe diameter DL #1 MultiFlow Demo Version 1.06 DL… (more)

Release Date: 1986
Operating Systems: System 6
Categories: Science & Math
Publisher: Kelix Software Systems
Author: Unknown


AGenT stands for Automated Genetics Tutor. It is a computer program written by Bill Sofer of the Waksman Institute at Rutgers Un… (more)

Release Date: 1992
Operating Systems: System 6, System 7
Categories: Science & Math
Publisher: Rutgers University, LKB Biotechnology
Author: Bill Sofer, Alan Gerstein

Seashore Life

Seashore Life brings you the wonderful world of the beach right into your home. In an interactive environment you can learn abou… (more)

Release Date: 1995
Operating Systems: System 7
Categories: Reference, Science & Math
Publisher: Anglia Multimedia
Author: Unknown

Life in the Universe

with Stephen Hawking MetaTools Leads Journey Through "Life in the Universe" Interactive CD-ROM Encourages Discovery of Stephen H… (more)

Release Date: 1997
Operating Systems: System 7 -> Mac OS 9
Categories: Science & Math
Publisher: MetaTools
Author: MetaTools

Dt Calculator

Features: RPN ( Reverse Polish Notation ). Four registers in stack and 20 additional registers (R00-R19). Fixed, scientific and … (more)

Release Date: 1990
Operating Systems: System 7
Categories: Science & Math
Publisher: Seagull Engineering of Sweden
Author: Lars Sundström

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