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Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Treasures of Knowledge

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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Treasures of Knowledge is a game in the Carmen Sandiego franchise, released in 2001. Despite the title, this game has little to do with the previous Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? titles.

The protagonists of the game are Carmen's former partner Julia "Jules" Argent, an experienced ACME detective, and new recruit Shadow Hawkins, who is gadget-happy and rather arrogant. At the start of the game, Carmen steals a rare Franco-Italian edition of The Travels of Marco Polo (which conveniently has the title written on the cover in English) and, as the game progresses, she goes on to steal a Māori wood carving, Incan Quipus and other seemingly random items. The goal of each of the first seven missions is to recover one item, which Carmen has hidden in a puzzle somewhere in the world. The user can only unlock this puzzle by collecting items or clues from other countries, often having to solve other puzzles first. At the end of each case, the item is found and it is announced that Carmen has stolen something else. (Wikipedia)

The first download link contains the EEV (Enhanced Educator Version) release of the game, which received a limited release to the school market and was never released to general retail. It included a very basic Explore Mode on the game disc, and a disc containing a teacher's guide and blackline masters for classroom activities based around the game. Both discs are included as Mac/PC hybrid ISOs.

The second link is a hybrid ISO that contains the demo of Mission One from the full version that was included with copies of the Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? tapes "Carmen's Revenge" and "Time Traveler."

The third link contains the French version of the game, Carmen Sandiego: Les trésors du monde. It is also a hybrid ISO but doesn't work on Windows computers, as the program performs a copy protection check for the original disc.

Mac OS 8.6 up to Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard (PowerPC), Windows 98-XP.


Released: 2001

Operation System(s): Mac OS 8 -> OS X

Perspectives: Point & Click

Categories: Educational

Authors: The Learning Company ImageBuilder Software

Publishers: Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited Mindscape


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