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Grid Warrior

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Take control of the SS Grid Warrior and navigate through the perilous 'Grid Of Death' in this fast-paced mouse-controlled action shareware game. Your task is to gather ammo, destroy enemies, and survive in this extremely chaotic arena. With 10 progressively challenging stages possessing unique features, the game becomes increasingly difficult each time you complete a cycle. Once you successfully complete a stage, you have the option to start from that level.

The first downloadable version is 1.2.7, which is available as trialware that will stop working after a 30-day period. For Mac users with a faulty clock battery, the software may stop functioning even earlier.

The second and third downloads are earlier versions that serve as demos, allowing players to try out only the first three levels of the game.

This game requires a 68040 or PPC and supports 256 colors.


Released: 1996

Operation System(s): System 7 Mac OS 8

Perspectives: Top Down

Categories: Action

Authors: Unknown

Publishers: Smokin' Software


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