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A truly addictive game involving navigating through portals that transport the ball you control until you reach the exit.

Here's what the author had to say about this game:

Remember that wooden labyrinth game with two handles on the sides, where you had to reach the exit without falling into the holes? That was one of my favorite toys, and it inspired me during the creation of this game. I took the liberty to add more excitement and variety, in order to make this wood toy an entertaining computer game. Enjoy!

MazeBall offers 150 levels of increasing difficulty, a fully playable demo (25 levels), non-violent addictive gameplay, 3 totally different styles (Traditional, Golf and Puzzle), and a lot more...

PowerPC Mac (100 MHz recommended)

Screen size of 640x480 pixels or larger

256 colors

Mac OS 7.1 or higher

3500k RAM (8000k recommended)

Approximately 7.5 MB of free disk space


Released: 1998

Operation System(s): System 7 -> Mac OS 9

Perspectives: Top Down

Categories: Puzzle

Authors: Patrice Mallette

Publishers: Unknown



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