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Amazon Trail II

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Amazon Trail is very similar to its cousin, Oregon Trail, but with a few marked instances:

  1. Instead of helping to "civilize" the world you're attempting to save the Inca.

  2. You're rafting up the Amazon River (not down the treacherous Columbia)

  3. You spend your journey randomly jumping through time

  4. All fishing, all the time (no guns, no bison, but you get to use spears!)

  5. Try to "shoot" all the animals in photographs (see if you can find the nonexistent pink river dolphin!)

  6. Instead of flooding your wagon in a river, you can get stuck in mud. Much more annoying.

A note about the Manual download available from above:

The Manual download contains a PDF'ed version of the Readme file available on the CD.

System requirements Mac:

Video/sound are a little bit choppy in SheepShaver 9.0.4 (that is, if you can run QuickTime in it)

This is a Mac-formatted CD-ROM that also contains the Windows version of the game.

To get access to this version, you have to mount it on a Mac first.

System requirements PC:


Released: 1996

Operation System(s): System 7 -> Mac OS 9

Perspectives: Point & Click

Categories: Educational

Authors: MECC

Publishers: MECC


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