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On this day

On 18 May 1984, Apple Computer Inc. announced the Apple IIc, a new portable version of the Apple II computer, at a price of $1,295.

Jungle Quest contains DiskDup images of the install media. mackids_junglequest_folder.sit contains a freshly asse…

Operating Systems: Unknown



For at least a couple of years and Mac OS versions before Dashboard came along, there was Konfabulator, a JavaScript run-time en…

Operating Systems: OS X

Categories:Internet/Communications/Networking Novelties & Fun Plug-ins Utilities


"Phänomene der Erde - Naturkatastrophen" ("Phenomena of the Earth - Natural Disasters") provides broad-based, but in clear secti…

Operating Systems: System 7 -> Mac OS 9

Categories:Reference Science & Math

Microsoft Works 3

MS Works was Microsoft's second office suite ("Office" being the other) the smaller and less expensive of the two. It has fewer …

Operating Systems: System 6 -> Mac OS 9

Categories:Database Spreadsheet Word Processing & Publishing

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