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On this day

On May 21, 1985, Steve Jobs resigned from Apple after losing a boardroom battle with John Sculley, the CEO he had brought to the company two years prior.

Virtual Valerie 2

Another filthy game by Mike Saenz, the man behind Virtual Valerie and MacPlaymate. …

Operating Systems: System 7 -> Mac OS 9


Battle Stations!

In the first commercial version of the game later trademarked as Battleship, 1931's Salvo: The Game of Wits, players fired multi…

Operating Systems: System 1 -> System 5

Categories:Board Game


ReadingMaze introduces essential beginning reading skills through fascinating mazes where students learn by solving picture, let…

Operating Systems: Unknown

Categories:Early Childhood

Genius Navigator Series

Drivers for computer mouse "Genius: Navigator Series". Official site publisher Drivers working on: Windows 98…

Operating Systems: OS X


Mac OS 7.5.5

This is Mac OS 7.5.5. It was a update for users of Mac OS 7.5.3 which fixes most of the bugs. Additionally, this is the last ver…

Operating Systems: System 7

Categories:Operating Systems

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