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Welcome to The Mac Attic, an abandonware software library made for vintage Apple computers and very old/ancient web browsers

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About this site

Thanks for visiting The Mac Attic. Without anymore fluff, let me get right to the why and how this started.


I was tired of constantly swapping floppy disks to transfer software titles larger than 5MB on my LC II. Splitting files on my Linux or Windows machine required a specific method so that they could be joined again on Mac. I usually used an emulator to split the files and then wrote the floppy images on my desktop, which was a tedious process. Websites like and, which are my favorites, are not accessible with older browsers. With the increasing use of https, which is a good thing, access to these old machines through the network is becoming increasingly difficult, making it less worthwhile to use a browser.

I built this website to not only acquire software for my collection of vintage Apple devices, but also to edit and upload them, a feature that is currently not available on any other site. This allows even older Macs with malfunctioning floppy or CD drives to still access software and preserve any software titles that may still be on those older machines.

As a web developer with 20 years experience, it was quite easy for me to bring this site up. So here it is.


The information on this website was sourced from, and I consider it a snapshot since I have already started editing the content using ChatGPT to generate descriptions. This site is not intended to compete with Macintosh Garden and I have no intention of profiting from it. It is entirely self-funded, including hosting costs and development time. To be honest, I don't have any expectation of high usage, and I have chosen not to use HTTPS, so it is unlikely to have a high ranking on Google search.

This site will not include many of the features that Macintosh Garden offers, such as forums, guides, and software titles larger than 700MB. Anything larger than that, in my opinion, is not considered retro. If that's what you're looking for, I recommend visiting Macintosh Garden.

If you have personally created a title or content on Macintosh Garden and want it removed from this site, drop me an email and I will do so.


Open Source

This website stands on the shoulders of giants.


I've put hundreds of hours or work into this site, and although it's just a pet-project, if you find it useful please consider buying me a coffee.

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