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Apple TechStep Software

In 1991, Apple released a hand-held diagnostic tool for Macintosh computers and SCSI hard drives called the TechStep. It was sol… (more)

Release Date: 1991
Operating Systems: System 6, System 7
Categories: Utilities
Publisher: Apple
Author: Apple


Utility for reporting PCI devices in a system, both added on, and built-in. (v2.0) System requirements … (more)

Release Date: 1998
Operating Systems: System 6 -> Mac OS 8
Categories: Utilities
Publisher: Unknown
Author: David Salamon


AutoLaunch is a screen saver "engine" that launches an application after your Macintosh has been idle for a specified amount of … (more)

Release Date:
Operating Systems: System 7 -> Mac OS 9
Categories: Screen Savers, Utilities
Publisher: Unknown
Author: Unknown


Extension which disables/hides the "Clean Up Desktop" menu item, just above Shut Down on the Special menu under Mac OS 7 (8?). V… (more)

Release Date: 1994
Operating Systems: System 7, Mac OS 8
Categories: Utilities
Publisher: Unknown
Author: Alessandro Levi Montalcini

Property List Editor

Those files ending in ".plist"... This decodes them (XML) and lets you edit them. It comes with the Xcode/Developer Tools, but i… (more)

Release Date: 2001
Operating Systems: OS X
Categories: Development Tools, Utilities
Publisher: Apple
Author: Apple

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