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Rugrats Mystery Adventures

Earn clues in mini-games so that Tommy's hard-boiled detective persona can solve neighborhood mysteries. See also: Rugrats Adven… (more)

Release Date: 1999
Operating Systems: Unknown
Categories: Arcade
Publisher: Brøderbund
Author: Unknown

Atari Arcade Classics for Macintosh

OS X native versions of the OS 9-era arcade remakes Breakout, Centipede, and Pong: The Next Level. Story for Breakout A world no… (more)

Release Date: 2004
Operating Systems: OS X
Categories: Arcade
Publisher: MacSoft
Author: Atari, Hasbro Interactive

LightCycle Duel

A Tron-inspired light cycle game. … (more)

Release Date: 1992
Operating Systems: System 6 -> OS X
Categories: Arcade
Publisher: Unknown
Author: Cary Torkelson


Quotes from Wikipedia: Hugo is an entire branch of computer and video games of Danish origin. As written there were also a tv sh… (more)

Release Date: 1993
Operating Systems: System 7
Categories: Arcade
Publisher: ITE
Author: ITE

Bubble Trouble

Advance through levels and defeat enemies by pushing bubbles around within the confines of an aquarium. Registration details: Na… (more)

Release Date: 1996
Operating Systems: System 7 -> Mac OS 9
Categories: Arcade
Publisher: Ambrosia Software
Author: Alex Metcalf, David Wareing

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