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DragThing is an application dock designed to tidy up the icons littering your desktop. Simply drag an application from the Finde… (more)

Release Date: 2000
Operating Systems: System 7 -> OS X
Categories: Utilities
Publisher: Unknown
Author: James Thomson

FRP Die Roller

FRP Die Roller Utility for generating die rolls for Dungeons and Dragons … (more)

Release Date: 1984
Operating Systems: System 6 -> Mac OS 9
Categories: Utilities
Publisher: CE Software
Author: Unknown

Norton Utilities 3.1.x

Norton Utilities 3.1.3. System Requirements: Mac SE with high density floppy disk drive 4mb RAM Mac OS 7.0 or higher installed. … (more)

Release Date: 1994
Operating Systems: System 7
Categories: Utilities
Publisher: Symantec
Author: Symantec

On Cue II Utilities

On Cue II − Mac Power Tool Kit, 1993 v3.0 got 3-of-5 stars from Macworld, 1995 September. Download #1: On Cue II Utilities 3.0 D… (more)

Release Date: 1992
Operating Systems: System 7 -> Mac OS 9
Categories: Utilities
Publisher: ComputerEasy International
Author: Fred D. Reed, Scott Searle, IMI Software

Open With CMM 1.x

OpenWith CMM: A contextual menu plug-in that makes opening files with specific applications quick and easy When you double-click… (more)

Release Date: 1999
Operating Systems: Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9
Categories: Contextual Menu Modules, Utilities
Publisher: Unknown
Author: Frederick Cheung

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