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Apple TechStep Software

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In 1991, Apple released a hand-held diagnostic tool for Macintosh computers and SCSI hard drives called the TechStep. It was sold exclusively to Apple resellers and service centers for $1,000. This SIT software archive contains Disk Copy version 6.3.3 & 4.2 disk images of the two included software floppy disks. This software runs on vintage Macintosh computers of the era (e.g., System 6 & System 7) and is required to extract logs from the TechStep. Software also allows a Macintosh to diagnose a TechStep. One floppy contains a HyperCard stack that gives a complete overview of the TechStep, including a software simulator.

The second SIT archive contains 18 Apple "Tech Info Library" PDF files extracted from Apple's Service Source Companion Vol.2 CD-ROM from 1997.

System 6 or System 7 running on most 68k Macs with a SCSI port including the Macintosh Plus, SE, SE/30, II, IIx, etc.


Released: 1991

Operation System(s): System 6 System 7

Categories: Utilities

Authors: Apple

Publishers: Apple


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