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The Print Shop for Mac 2.0

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New layout and imaging controls make The Print Shop for Mac 2.0 even better at what the program has always done well: Publishing projects for home, school, or small business. (Macworld Mar 20, 2006)

Even though an opening screen features a Broderbund logo, this is not a Broderbund product.

Mac OS X Edition 2.0.1

See also: The Print Shop, The Print Shop Deluxe, The Print Shop for Mac CD, The Print Shop Mac OS X Edition 1.0


Mac OS X 10.2 at least

192 MB RAM

490 MB hard drive space (1.3 GB for full installation)

800 x 600 display

Thousands of colours


Released: 2005

Operation System(s): OS X

Categories: Word Processing & Publishing

Authors: Unknown

Publishers: Software MacKiev


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